Grimspound – Not So Grim This Time Around

A couple of weeks ago we did a moorland walk around Grimspound.  It was almost a year to the day since we had last been there doing the same walk. Last time though the weather was inclement. There did come a point when the mist started to draw in that we seriously began to think about calling it a day and heading back to the car. I say we, I mean me as I’m the sensible one. Simon would have carried on in monsoon conditions. He’s brave/silly like that (delete as you feel appropriate).

GrimspoundHe persuaded me to carry on by telling me that I was an ‘all weather Dean’ and it would be ‘an adventure’. Why do I fall for it every time? It’s like the time he called me a ‘sea-faring princess’ when we were bobbing up and down in a stupid fishing boat off the coast of Madeira. I think he is just overly optimistic about my capabilities. Anyway, here I am last year in the rain.

We always said we would go back when it was sunny and so that is what we did. The plan was to get there early as we wanted to beat 1) the heat and 2) the bank holiday trippers. We arrived just before 9am and parked up in a small car park about 200 metres from the Warren House Inn.

We immediately walked by Bennet’s Cross and up along part of the Two Moors Way to Hookney Tor.

Bennets Cross Dartmoor

Hookney Tor

The weather was wildly different as you can see. Lovely blue skies, green grass and a carpet covering of heather across the moor. After sitting at the top for several minutes to take in the panoramic views we headed down the other side of the Tor towards the great man made stone circle that just sticks right out on this wild, uncultivated landscape. It is a bronze age settlement made up of 24 granite round houses. The shape of some of these houses is still visible today, as is the huge perimeter wall.

Grimspound Hut Circle

We left Grimspound by walking down the hill to the road. We turned left and walked along the road for a couple of minutes before making a sharp right down a track that leads to a farm house B&B. It feels a bit like you are walking along someone’s drive way (which you are) but it is a public footpath. There are signs as you near the house directing you up and over the back onto a path that eventually leads you to the Warren House Inn. It is very up and down and uneven underfoot but the scenery is worth it. When we reached the stream, instead of going up the steep hill to the Inn we turned right in the hope we would come out closer to the car. There was a reasonably easy path to follow that ran by an old fenced off mine of some sort.

And there we were back at the car in no time and not a drop of rain in sight the whole walk!

Duration: 2 hours / fairly easy


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