Sourton Tours & The Granite Way

I am a bit behind with our blog posts at the moment. We did this Sourton Tors walk nearly a month ago and have done two Dartmoor walks and a mountain in Wales since! I have a bit of a cold this weekend and so am snuggled in bed writing this whilst Simon cooks tonight’s dinner (step by step instructions on how to make roast potatoes have had to be given).

Anyway, back to what was our longest walk to date – Sourton Tors to Meldon Reservoir and back along the Granite Way.

It was a beautifully sunny afternoon when we did this walk. We parked in the free car park opposite “the most unusual pub in Britain” (the Highway Man).


There is a path that runs down the right hand side of the parish church and on to the moor.


The views out across the Devon countryside were stunning from the outset.

Our book said to bear right at a stone wall and follow it until a stream crossed the path and flowed under a gate in the wall. At this point we had to bear right and climb up the steep side of a valley. We passed lots of lovely Dartmoor ponies along the way.

13238951_10154342498551833_6652152725532604419_n 13238875_10154342496436833_1169474213428300988_n

We made a slight detour from the moorland path to have a closer look at the rocky Tor. There were lots of paragliders out  making the most of the great spring weather.

13178656_10154342498131833_885669182396953941_n 13237772_10154342498051833_2436521843464303383_n

Meldon Reservoir, the point at which we were to turn around and head back, was just visible from the top.


The path headed down the side of the Tor towards Meldon and through a number of wooden gates. At this stage we passed these rather spectacular trees.


Several rocky tracks later we came down on to road to Meldon and had a liitle pit-stop next to the reservoir. We had been walking for a good couple of hours by this point. There is an entrance on the Granite Way at the Meldon Reservoir junction. We picked this back up all the way to Sourton. It is pretty straight and flat (being an old railway line) which I was glad of as my new walking boots were starting to rub!

It was a couple of miles back to Sourton and my camera memory was full so I couldn’t take any photos of this section. By the time we got back to the car I think we had been walking for over 3 hours.

On the way back we stopped at the Granite Way cycle hire shop for an ice-cream which was seriously tasty!


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