A Day Trip to North Devon

After what felt like months of incessant rain, the weather last weekend was glorious and so we decided to make the most of it by taking a trip to North Devon. We headed up the A377 to Barnstaple and then took the A361 north over to our first stop: Woolacombe. You gain a lot of height on the road to Woolacombe from Barnstaple and it was very exciting when we turned a corner and the sea suddenly came into view. We parked in the main car-park on the beach front and paid £2 for a couple of hours.

We had a lovely stroll up the beach, admiring the sand dunes and view of the town which is tucked snugly on the hillside.

The sky was cloudless and blue.

The sea glistened in the sunlight.

And the surfers were out in force.

After leaving Woolacombe just before lunchtime, we headed towards Lynmouth to make our first foray onto Exmoor. The plan was to stop at Watersmeet for lunch but when we arrived the car park was very busy. We carried on along the Watersmeet road towards the sea. The road snaked down the high gorge and the scenery was spectacular and looked (as Simon described it) like ‘a magical land’! We managed to find a free space on the road in Lynmouth – the parking is less restricted between October and Easter.

After walking down by the river into town we found a very nice café called “Riverside” for lunch. We had a little potter around the shops, buying some homemade fudge, and then took a look at the famous Victorian cliff railway.

Once we had explored the seafront we headed back to Watersmeet where the car park was now fairly empty due to it being later in the day. The hill down to the river and NT café is really steep but there are a couple of beautiful cascades to admire at the bottom.

We took a very short walk along the beautiful river before climbing the hill back to the car. We nearly managed it in one go but I gave up 2/3’s of the way up and had a little sit down!

We took a cross country route back home in order to see a bit more of Exmoor.

Overall a great day in the beautiful sunny weather!


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