A Stroll Along the East Okement

This was our very walk as local residents. I fell off a stile. Good start. Anyway, it was a very pretty riverside walk with some very impressive stepping stones.

We had trouble finding the car park for the start of this walk using the directions in “Fairly Easy Dartmoor Walks” book. We missed the turning at the end of Fatherford Road as it was quite tucked away. After asking at a farm to no avail, and driving a mile or so in the wrong direction, we eventually doubled back on ourselves and spotted the car park from the other side of the road.

The car park is quite small but there were few cars on a freezing December afternoon between Christmas & New Year.

At the bottom of the car park you should be able to see a railway bridge. We turned left through the gate and then crossed the wooden bridge at which point we turned left again.

The path then passes under the A30 and follows the curves of the river for several minutes. Next came the exciting bit – a long row of stepping stones to cross!

Further on we crossed a  small wooden bridge, beyond which is a clearing with a wall running through the middle. Crossing at the stile in the wall and  once again we were close to the river. The river widens here and flows over several large flat rocks.

We gave up on this particular path here as the weather had made it very wet and impassable. We turned back and took a permissive path (not a public path but one where the land owner has granted permission for you to use it) on the other side of the wall. There is a wooden stile to climb, I slipped here and ended up on my backside! No damage done fortunately. The path ascends through lots of knarled and mossy trees and, after a short climb, comes out on top of a hill with far reaching views towards Okehampton. There was a lovely rainbow when we made it to the top but we didn’t stay long to enjoy it as the heavens opened.

We headed back the way we came to the car park. All in all I think we were walking for around 1.5 hours. A nice walk, perhaps one to try again in the summer.


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